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Telegram became the second most popular messenger in the world

Over the past five years, the messenger Telegram has surpassed Facebook Messenger in popularity. This was said by the author of the project Pavel Durov.

He added that at the moment Telegram is second in popularity only to the messenger WhatsApp. However, every year the gap from the market leader is narrowing.

Telegram surpassed Facebook Messenger in popularity and is now second only to WhatsApp

At the moment, the top three in the messenger market are as follows:

WhatsApp – 44%
Telegram – 31%.
Facebook Messenger – 21%.
Another 3% of the market is Signal.

Pavel Durov came up with the idea of creating a messenger for secure communication in 2011. The first version of the application for iOS was released in August 2013. A little later that year, versions for Android, Windows, and macOS appeared. Over time, the messenger added new features, such as stickers, editing and deleting sent messages, and calling.

For a long time, Telegram was completely free. But over time, it introduced advertising in its channels, as well as a paid Telegram Premium subscription, which provided access to some additional features.