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Intel has completed the development of 18A and 20A processes. 1.8nm and 2nm chips will be available in 2024

Intel Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductors, has announced the completion of the development of its 18A and 20A processes. These advanced processes will enable the production of chips with feature sizes as small as 1.8nm and 2nm respectively.

According to the company’s recent statement, these new processes will offer significant improvements in performance, power efficiency, and density over the existing manufacturing technologies. The company plans to start production of 20A chips in the second half of 2024, followed by the 18A chips later in the same year.

These technological breakthroughs are expected to provide Intel with a competitive edge in the semiconductor market, which has been facing severe supply constraints due to the ongoing global chip shortage. The company is also investing heavily in research and development to accelerate the introduction of new technologies and meet the growing demand for high-performance computing solutions.

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, expressed confidence that the company’s new processes will help it maintain its leadership in the industry. “We are excited to deliver these new technologies to our customers and partners, and we believe that they will enable new possibilities for innovation across a wide range of applications,” he said.

The availability of 1.8nm and 2nm chips in 2024 is expected to drive the development of new and more powerful computing devices, including smartphones, laptops, data centers, and supercomputers, among others. This will have a significant impact on various industries, including healthcare, finance, automotive, and telecommunications, among others, which rely heavily on advanced computing solutions.